Professur für Innovations-, Wettbewerbs- und Neue Institutionenökonomik

Recent Publications

"Incentives for Optimal Management of Age-Structured Fish Populations," forthcoming in Resource and Energy Economics (2013) (with Martin Quaas, Kirsten Ruckes, Anders Skonhoft, Ruediger Voss, Nils Westergard)

"Tobacco and Alcohol: Complements or Substitutes? A Structural Model Approach to Insufficient Price Variation in Individual-Level Data" (2013), Empirical Economics forthcoming (with Silja Goehlmann, Christoph M. Schmidt, and Harald Tauchmann)

“Sushi or Fish Fingers? Seafood Diversity, Collapsing Fish Stocks, and Multi-Species Fishery Management,” The Scandinavian Journal of Economics (2013) forthcoming. (with Martin Quaas)

"Reciprocity and Giving in a Consecutive Three-Person Dictator Game with Social Interaction," German Economic Review (2013) forthcoming (with Gunter Bahr)

“Does more stringent environmental regulation induce or reduce technology adoption? When the rate of technology adoption is inverted U-shaped,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2013), forthcoming (with Grischa Perino)

“Equal Split in the Informal Market for Group Train Travel”, Economics Letters 118 (2013), 327-329 with (Israel Waichman and Artem Korchenevich)

"Emissions Standards and Ambient Environmental Quality Standards with stochastic Environmental Services”, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 64 (2012), 377-389 (with Steve Hamilton).

“Fishing Industry Borrows from Natural Capital at High Shadow Interest Rates“ (2013), Ecological Economics 82 (2012), 45-52 (with Martin F. Quaas, Rainer Froese, Helmut Herwartz, Jörn O. Schmidt, Rüdiger Voss)

“Investment Incentives under Emission Trading: An Experimental Study,” Environmental and Resource Economics 53 (2012): 229-249 (with Eva Camacho and Israel Waichman)

“Alternative Use Systems for the Remaining Ethiopian Cloud Forest and the Role of Arabica Coffee - A Cost-Benefit Analysis” Ecological Economics (2012) 75, 102-112 (with Anke Reichhuber)

“Subsidies for Renewable Energies in the Presence of Learning Effects and Market Power,” Resource and Energy Economics 34 (2012), 236-254 (with Johanna Reichenbach).

“The Regulation of Non-Point Source Pollution and Risk Preferences,” Ecological Economics 73 (2012), 179-187 (with Eva Cuena-Camacho)