Professur für Innovations-, Wettbewerbs- und Neue Institutionenökonomik

Prof. Dr. Till Requate

Inhaber der Professur

Wilhelm-Seelig-Platz 1, 4. OG, R.412
Telefon: +49 431 880-4424
Telefax: +49 431 880-1618

Curriculum Vitae

Till Requate studied Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy and Sports Science, and graduated in Mathematics and Philosophy at Bielefeld University, Germany, in 1985. He received a Ph.D. in Economics in 1989 with a thesis on game theory and industrial organization and finished his Habilitation in 1994. He was postdoc/assistant professor at the University of Bielefeld from 1990 to 1995, held a position as substitution professor at the University of Oldenburg from 1995 to 1996, and was appointed full professor for Environmental Economics and as director of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Environmental Economics at the University of Heidelberg in 1996. Since 2002 Till Requate is a professor for innovation economics, competition policy, and new institutional economics at Kiel University. 

From 2004 to 2010, Prof. Requate served as associate dean (Studiendekan) for study programs and examinations. From 2016 to 2020 Prof. Requate was the dean of the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Social Sciences.

Major fields of interests are environmental economics, competition policy, and experimental economics.

Till Requate was awarded a von-Bennigsen-Foerder-Preis in 1990 and the Eric-Kempe prize awarded by the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economics and the University of Umea in 2004, and the best paper award by the German Association of Health Economics in 2012.

Till Requate is currently Co-Editor of the Berkley Electronic Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (BEJEAP). He was Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management from 2013 through 2018, and served as an associate editor of the European Economic Review.

Till Requate also served as a consultant for governments and NGOs, notably the World Bank, InWent, the German Federal Ministry of Research and Science (BMBF), the Danish Ministry for Agriculture and Fishery, and the OECD.

Since 2020, Till Requate is a member of the Commission of Experts Research and Innovation (EFI) for the German Government. 


Recent Publications

"Price vs. Quantity Regulation of Volatile Energy Supply and Market Entry of RES-E Operators” (with Daiju Narita), forthcoming in Energy Economics.

“Challenging Conventional Wisdom: Experimental Evidence on Heterogeneity and Coordination in Avoiding a Collective Catastrophic   Event,” (with Waichman, I., Karde, M., and Milinski, M.) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, forthcoming.

“The Social Cost of Contacts: Theory and Evidence for the first wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Germany” (with Martin Quaas, Jasper N Meya, Hanna Schenk, Björn Bos, Moritz A Drupp), forthcoming in PLOS-ONE 2021.

“A Simple Competitive Model with the Division of Labor,” Singapore Economic Review, 2020, (with Lai, Puqing.), DOI: 10.1142/S0217590820500265.

How assets get stranded: The impact of climate policy on capital and fossil fuel owners. Introduction to the JEEM special section on climate policy and political economy (with Edenhofer, O., Kalkuhl, M., and Steckel, J. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 100(3), 102300.

Das Flexcap – eine innovative CO₂-Bepreisung für Deutschland,“ ifo Schnelldienst 72, Nr.18 (2019),  38-45 (with Traeger, C., Perino, G., Pittel, K., Schmitt, A.)

“Tell the truth or not? The Montero mechanism for emissions control at work, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 95 (2019), 133-152 (with Eva Camacho, Israel Waichman, S. Kean Ch'ng)

Research trends in environmental and resource economics: Insights from four decades of JEEM,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 92 (2018), 433-464 (with Roland Kube, Andreas Löschel, Henrik Mertens).

"Potential Anti-Competitive Effects of Emission Permit Markets - A survey on Theoretical Findings and Evidence," Review of Economics 64 (3), (2016), 271-292 (with Johanna Reichenbach)

“Reciprocity in Labor Market Relationships: Evidence from an Experiment across High-Income OECD Countries,”Games 6 (2015), 473-494. (with I. Waichman, S. Kean Siang, A. P. Shafran, E. Camacho-Cuena, Y. Iida, and S. Shahrabani)

"Feed-in Tariffs versus Green Certificates in the Promotion of Renewable Energy, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 17 (2015), 211 - 239.

"Communication in Cournot Competition," Journal of Economic Psychology 42 (2014), 1-16 (with I. Waichman und S. Kean Ch'ng)