Chair of Innovation, Competition Policy and New Institutional Economics


2006-19   Hans-Werner Wohltmann, Roland Winkler Anticipated Raw Materials Price Shocks and Monetary Policy Response - A New Keynesian Approach Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2006-18   Harald Tauchmann, Silja Göhlmann, Till Requate, Christoph M. Schmidt Tobacco and Alcohol: Complements or Substitutes? A Statistical Guinea Pig Approach Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2006-17   Thomas Lux The Markov-Switching Multifractal Model of Asset Returns: GMM Estimation and Linear Forecasting of Volatility (A revised version of EWP 2004-11) Abstract Full Text RePEc Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
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  2006-15   Eleni Samanidou, Elmar Zschischang, Dietrich Stauffer, Thomas Lux Microscopic Models of Financial Markets Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2006-14   Markus Demary Transaction Taxes, Traders’ Behavior and Exchange Rate Risks Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2006-13   Thomas Lux, Taisei Kaizoji Forecasting Volatility and Volume in the Tokyo Stock Market: Long Memory, Fractality and Regime Switching (A revised version of EWP 2004-05) Abstract Full Text RePEc Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
  2006-12   Thomas Lux Financial Power Laws: Empirical Evidence, Models, and Mechanism Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2006-11   Simone Alfarano, Thomas Lux A Minimal Noise Trader Model with Realistic Time Series Properties (A revised version of EWP 2003-15) Abstract Full Text RePEc Long Memory in Economics
  2006-10   Michael H. Birnbaum, Ulrich Schmidt Empirical Tests of Intransitivity Predicted by Models of Risky Choice Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2006-09   Ulrich Schmidt, Stefan Traub An Experimental Investigation of the Disparity between WTA and WTP for Lotteries Abstract Full Text RePEc Theory and Decision
  2006-08   Andrea Morone, Ulrich Schmidt An Experimental Investigation of Alternatives to Expected Utility Using Pricing Data Abstract Full Text RePEc Economics Bulletin
  2006-07   Helmut Herwartz, Fang Xu Reviewing the sustainability/stationarity of current account imbalances with tests for bounded integration Abstract Full Text RePEc Manchester School
  2006-06   Helmut Herwartz, Fang Xu Panel data model comparison for empirical saving-investment relations Abstract Full Text RePEc Applied Economics Letters
  2006-05   Roman Liesenfeld, Jean-François Richard Improving MCMC Using Efficient Importance Sampling Abstract Full Text RePEc Computational Statistics and Data Analysis
  2006-04   Helmut Herwartz, Hans-Eggert Reimers Modelling the Fisher hypothesis: World wide evidence Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2006-03   Stefan Traub The Provision of Local Public Services in a Risky Environment: An Application to Crime Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2006-02   Christian Aßmann, Jens Hogrefe, Roman Liesenfeld The Decline in German Output Volatility: A Bayesian Analysis Abstract Full Text RePEc Empirical Economics
  2006-01   Horst Raff, Michael Ryan, Frank Stähler Asset Ownership and Foreign-Market Entry Abstract Full Text RePEc -