Chair of Innovation, Competition Policy and New Institutional Economics


2007-32   Hans-Werner Wohltmann, Roland Winkler Solution of RE Models with Anticipated Shocks and Optimal Policy Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-31   Timm Bönke, Carsten Schröder Equivalence scales reconsidered – an empirical investigation Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-30   Giacomo Corneo, Matthias Keese, Carsten Schröder Erhöht die Riester-Förderung die Sparneigung von Geringverdienern? Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-29   Helmut Herwartz, Michael H. Neumann A robust bootstrap approach to the Hausman test in stationary panel data models Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-28   Albrecht Bläsi, Till Requate Subsidies for Wind Power: Surfing down the Learning Curve? Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-27   Markus Demary A Heterogenous Agents Model Usable for the Analysis of Currency Transaction Taxes Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-26   Roman Liesenfeld, Jean-François Richard The Multinomial Multiperiod Probit Model: Identification and Efficient Estimation Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-25   David N. DeJong, Hariharan Dharmarajan, Roman Liesenfeld, Jean-François Richard An Efficient Filtering Approach to Likelihood Approximation for State-Space Representations -A revised version of this paper is available as EWP 2009-02. Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-24   Hwa-Taek Lee, Gawon Yoon Does Purchasing Power Parity Hold Sometimes? Regime Switching in Real Exchange Rates Abstract Full Text RePEc Applied Economics
  2007-23   Vasyl Golosnoy, Helmut Herwartz Semiparametric Approaches to the Prediction of Conditional Correlation Matrices in Finance Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-22   Horst Raff, Michael J. Ryan Firm-Specific Characteristics and the Timing of Foreign Direct Investment Projects Abstract Full Text RePEc Review of World Economics
  2007-21   Emily Blanchard,Gerald Willmann Political Stasis or Protectionist Rut? Policy Mechanisms for Trade Reform in a Democracy Abstract Full Text RePEc Journal of International Economics
  2007-20   Ngo Van Long, Horst Raff, Frank Stähler The Effects of Trade Liberalization on Productivity and Welfare: The Role of Firm Heterogeneity, R&D and Market Structure Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-19   Horst Raff, Michael Ryan, Frank Stähler The Choice of Market Entry Mode: Greenfield Investment, M&A and Joint Venture Abstract Full Text RePEc International Review of Economics and Finance
  2007-18   Horst Raff, Michael Ryan, Frank Stähler Whole versus Shared Ownership of Foreign Affiliates Abstract Full Text RePEc International Journal of Industrial Organization
  2007-17   Christian Aßmann Determinants and Costs of Current Account Reversals under Heterogeneity and Serial Correlation Abstract Full Text RePEc Applied Economics
  2007-16   Tim Lohse, Julio R. Robledo, Ulrich Schmidt Self-Insurance and Self-Protection as Public Goods Abstract Full Text RePEc Journal of Risk and Insurance
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  2007-14   Helmut Herwartz, Fang Xu A functional coefficient model view of the Feldstein-Horioka puzzle Abstract Full Text RePEc Journal of International Money and Finance
  2007-13   Barbara Stoschek The Political Economy of Environmental Regulations and Industry Compensation Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-12   Jens Hogrefe The yield spread and GDP growth - Time Varying Leading Properties and the Role of Monetary Policy Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-11   Roman Liesenfeld, Guilherme V. Moura, Jean-François Richard Dynamic Panel Probit Models for Current Account Reversals and their Efficient Estimation Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-10   Casilda Lasso de la Vega, Christian Seidl The Impossibility of a Just Pigouvian Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-09   Helmut Herwartz A note on model selection in (time series) regression models - General-to-specific or specific-to-general? Abstract Full Text RePEc Applied Economics Letters
  2007-08   Giovanni Facchini, Marcelo Olarreaga, Peri Silva, Gerald Willmann Substitutability and protectionism: Latin America's trade policy and imports from China and India Abstract Full Text RePEc World Bank Economic Review
  2007-07   Anke Reichhuber, Till Requate Alternative Use Systems for the Remaining Cloud Forest in Ethiopia and the Role of Arabica Coffee - A Cost-Benefit Analysis Abstract Full Text RePEc Ecological Economics
  2007-06   Ruipeng Liu, T. Di Matteo, Thomas Lux True and Apparent Scaling: The Proximity of the Markov-Switching Multifractal Model to Long-Range Dependence Abstract Full Text RePEc Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
  2007-05   Thomas Lux Applications of Statistical Physics in Finance and Economics Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-04   Andreas von Döllen, Till Requate Environmental Policy and Incentives to Invest in Advanced Abatement Technology if Arrival of Future Technology is Uncertain - Extended Version Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-03   Christian Seidl Flat Tax mit sozialer Grundsicherung: Die optimale Kombination Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-02   Sebastian Wilckens Should WTO Dispute Settlement Be Subsidized? Abstract Full Text RePEc -
  2007-01   Enrico Diecidue, Ulrich Schmidt, Horst Zank Parametric Weighting Functions Abstract Full Text RePEc Journal of Economic Theory